Saturday, September 3, 2016

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog.  This, as you can tell, is my very first post and this is my very first blog.

I plan to post several types of posts:

  1. What are you reading?   -  I hope to post this once a week.  I will list what I am reading with some brief notes and invite you to tell me what you are reading in the comments.
  2. Book reviews of books I like. - When I finish a book that I like, I will review it. I will also review some books I've liked in the past.  I will not write negative reviews because, really, what's the point of that?
  3. Interesting words -  I will post definitions and thoughts about interesting words.  This might be unusual words or just words I find interesting for some reason.  But I will not be writing about highly technical words.  These are words you might read or even use!
  4. Quotations - Of course, you can browse a book of quotations.  But I'll write about the origin of the quotation, the meaning of it to me, connections to other things and so on.
In addition, I may sometimes put in one of my original poems or something else.

I hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to comment. 


  1. Yay! Mind if I stick this on the blogroll over on my leetle blog? (I'll remember to check more often if I do. Hehe.)

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    2. That would be great. What is your blog about?

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    5. It's a bit of a hodgepodge - I've been saving some of my Quora answers lately and posting them there, Green Party and Jill Stein stuff I make for a G+ community I participate in lives there (these are memes, or reposts of other articles with a short comment from me), and if you head back to before my last hiatus, animal activism and related stuff from 2011-12.

      I've started and lost track of oh, half a dozen blogs over the years, going back to LuveJournal (remember them? Hehe) I'm trying to stick with it this time, so I have something that's actually mine and not just feeding Quora or Facebook, etc.

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