Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book review: Crimson Joy by Robert B. Parker

Date finished: September 13, 2016
Year published: 1988
Genre: Mystery
Rating:  A

Review: I really like the Spenser series and am now reading them in order.

In Crimson Joy Spenser is contacted by Lt. Martin Quirk of the Boston Police.  A serial killer is on the loose in Boston.  He leaves a red rose at each murder site. And it is possible that the killer is a police officer. The crime is quickly solved when a police officer confesses.  But, while everyone else is congratulating themselves on their good work, Quirk, Belson, Spenser and Hawk believe that the confession is false.

They are proven right. 

Then the tension is raced when Spenser's inamorata Susan Silverman gets a red rose.

One of the best in this series; there's not only a lot of tension, but the relationship between Spenser and Susan develops in interesting ways.


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    1. I am going through the whole series and will be posting reviews of them all here.