Thursday, September 15, 2016

Book review: God Save the Child by Robert B. Parker

Date finished: July 1, 2016
Year published: 1974
Genre: Mystery
Rating:  B

Review: This is the second in the Spenser series, which I am reading in order.  I reviewed the first on, The Godwulf Manuscript here.  In God Save the Child Parker introduces us to Susan Silverman. Since I am re-reading the series, I know that this will be a long term relationship, running through the whole series; it will also be a complex relationship.  One thing I like about the Spenser series is that Susan is such a complex character: Too often, in older mysteries, women are not fully developed.

God Save the Child involves the hunt for a missing 15 year old boy. At first, it appears that the boy has been kidnapped, but it later becomes unclear whether he has run away on purpose, and is living with a bodybuilder whom he idolizes.

As often in the series, Parker uses the plot to muse about deeper things such as the nature of love, the role of parents and so on.

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