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Welcome to my blog.  There will mostly be posts about books, words and quotes.   Once a week I will post What are you Reading? about what I am reading and invite your comments about what you are reading. In addition, there may be an occasional original poem or some other post.


I will only review books that I like. I read pretty omnivorously but some favorite genres are:


  • Science fiction - favorites include
    • Samuel Delaney
    • William Gibson
    • Robert Heinlein 
    • Nancy Kress
    • Larry Niven
    • Terry Pratchett
    • John Scalzi
    • Neal Stephenson
    • Theodore Sturgeon
    • John Varley
  • Mystery - favorites include 
    • Lee Child
    • Jeffrey Deaver
    • Carl Hiaasen
    • Stuart Kaminsky (especially the Russian novels)
    • John Lescroat
    • Linda Nagata
    • Carol O'Connell's earlier work
    • Robert Parker
    • S. J. Rozan
    • John Sandford


  • History - especially the Enlightenment era.  Mostly European and American history.
  • Science - all sorts, including "hard" science, behavioral science, social science and so on.
  • Mathematics - I have limited training but I like math
  • Philosophy
  • Biography - especially historical figures from Europe and America.


Rather than just giving you a word and its definition, I will be writing more extensively about each word.  These will not be highly technical words.  They will be words that I read in the course of my reading of general interest books.  I will also sometimes write about word-related topics that I find interesting.


As with words, I am not going to just post a quote - I will write about each quote.  I have a lot of favorite quotes.

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