Friday, September 16, 2016

Interesting words: Exigent

Definition:  Exigent is an adjective with two related meanings:  1. Requiring immediate attention and 2. Having or making urgent demands.   

Pronunciation: Ex eh jent

Origin: According to the online etymology dictionary, exigent comes from Latin exigentem which is the present participle of exigere which means "to demand or drive out".

Why use it?  Isn't it nicer than ASAP?

Examples:  In the law, exigent circumstances can be a reason not to need a warrant, so the word is often used there.  Otherwise, most of the examples I have found come from theology.  But ... it could be used more widely.  I think using words like exigent is important.  But not exigent.

Sources:  Wordnik.

Your turn: What are your favorite words?

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