Sunday, September 11, 2016

Book review: The Devils of Cardona by Matthew Carr

Date finished: August 22, 2016
Year published: 2016
Genre: Mystery, historical fiction
Rating: B+

Review:  It is 1584 and Fernando Mendoza, a magistrate in Spain, is sent to Aragon to investigate the murder of a priest. He winds up digging into a complicated nest of intrigue in which nothing is what it seems and everyone is being scapegoated by someone else.  The Inquisition is in full force; the Moriscos (Moors who accepted Baptism) are being persecuted and prosecuted; the murdered priest was a bad man; there is suspicion of what would now be known as terrorist activity; one of the main characters is a lesbian who has to desperately hide it.. 

Strong characters, good writing and a plot that keeps moving are all good things and I like novels where I learn something. The only flaw is that, at times, I got lost in the complications of the plot.

About the author: Matthew Carr is a writer and journalist. He has previously written several history books (including Blood and Faith which is about  the same period as Devils of Cardona) and a memoir. Devils of Cardona is his first novel.


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