Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Book review: Stardust by Robert B. Parker

Year published: 1990
Date I finished: September 21, 2016
Genre:  Mystery
Rating: A-

Review:  This is the 17th in the Spenser series. In this one, Spenser is hired to protect TV star Jilly Joyce.  Joyce is beautiful and good at acting, but she is a nasty person, a nymphomaniac, a drunk, a cocaine addict and a self-entitled jerk.

But that doesn't mean someone should kill her.

Spenser enlists his usual helpers: Martin Quirk, Susan Silverman and Hawk.  But he's in a new world, not just of TV but of lost childhoods, abused children, delusional behavior and more.  As usual, Spenser keeps asking questions and annoying people - who sometimes respond with violence.

And, as usual, Parker uses the novel to muse on themes greater than those in the typical mystery, including the nature of need, the effects of abuse and so on.

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