Saturday, September 10, 2016

A poem for 9-11

I was in 2 WTC when the plane hit.  I wrote a poem about it

When the Planes Flew into Towers


Peter Flom

When the planes first hit the towers
Tried to humble our great powers
I was there in those first hours
Running down the stairs.

When all the world was sympathetic
Bush was malign and pathetic
His response, crazed and frenetic
Did not catch me unawares.

When his popularity was soaring
How come so many were ignoring
All his puerile, childish roaring -
His taunts, his rage, his dares?

His stupid wars were bound to fail
We should have known from his first wail.
Bush really belongs in jail.
But ...... he's not. Who cares?


  1. He was horrible. As were Cheney and Rove.

    They treated us as if we did the attacking when we were attacked but you know why let facts get in the way of hating NY.