Sunday, November 27, 2016

Intersting words: Acnestis: The parts you can't reach

Does your back ever itch?  Mine does.  And, sometimes, it's in the part I can't scratch!  That's so annoying.  Sometimes I will rub against a chair or something like that.  And they even sell back scratchers to let you reach those parts.

But ... what are those parts?  Not only is it annoying to be unable to scratch where it itches, it's annoying to have to say "where I can't reach".  And now, you don't have to.  Because English has a word for those parts: Acnestis.

Can you scratch my acnestis?

Do cats even have an acnestis? 

Where is your acnestis?

When I was younger, my shoulders were so flexible that I had no acnestis, but now I do.

And do you know of any animal that has an acnestis that is not on its back?

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