Monday, November 7, 2016

Book review: The Detachment by Barry Eisler

The Detachment is the 7th book in the John Rain series.  I usually like to read series books in order, but I got this one for a low price so I started in the middle.

John Rain is a professional assassin. In this book, he is hired to kill two people who, purportedly, are plotting a coup against the government of the USA. His employer is Scott Horton, a colonel who specializes in "black ops".  But ... there are twists and twists and more twists. 

Although Rain usually works alone, this time he is leading a team of four - and there are lots of interpersonal problems.  And it's soon unclear whether the coup attempt is real.  Then there are terrorist attacks.

I won't say it's great literature, but it kept me turning the pages, which a thriller should do.  I'll be looking for the earlier books in the series.

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