Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Book review: A Bomb Built in Hell: Wesley's Story by Andrew Vachss

Year published:  2012

Date I finished reading: November 22, 2016

Genre: Crime/thriller

Rating: C
Review: I picked this up because I am a fan of Vachss' Burke series, especially the earlier volumes, and, in the forward, Vachss notes that, although A Bomb Built in Hell was published in 2012, it was written much earlier.  Fans of the Burke series will recognize Wesley's name as one of the deadliest and coldest assassins.

 But the subtitle to this book could better be "Watch Wesley Kill".  There's a tremendous amount of killing - killing by gun, knife, poison gas, killing for revenge, killing for money, killing at random.  But the book doesn't really tell Wesley's story.  It doesn't cover his childhood (how the bomb got built) and there's a minimum of plot and character development.

Fans of the Burke series will like Vachss' prose and may want to read this to add to their knowledge of Wesley, but I found it rather disapponting.

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