Saturday, December 3, 2016

What are you reading? December 3, 2016


  • The Year's Best Science Fiction edited by Gardner Dozois.  A good annual "best of" book. On p.181  (no pages read).
  • Tips on Cardplay by Mike Lawrence.  Lawrence is one of the best bridge writers alive.  Play is the worst part of my game.  This book also includes some tips on defense. p. 138 (no pages read this week).
  • Watson's Play of the Hand at Bridge, the classic book on play. On p. 113 (no pages read this week).
  • A Beautiful Question by Frank Wilczek, it's a combination of physics, philosophy and art. The question is whether the world can be regarded as a work of art. On p. 70 (5 pages read this week).
  • How to Reassess your Chess by Jeremy Silman.  A really good chess book. p 32 (no pages read).
  • How to Reassess your Chess Workbook also by Silman and the companion to the above. On p. 45 (2 pages read). 
  • The Dream of Reason by Anthony Gottlieb.  A history of philosophy from its Thales to the Renaissance.  This is a really good survey, I think. Gottlieb writes very clearly and uses analogy and humor to help. page 374 (44 pages read this week).
  • I finished John Quincy Adams by James Traub.  A bio of our 6th president, an unjustly neglected figure.(Link goes to my review)
  • I started and finished Winner Take All by Barry Eisler.  The third book in the John Rain series.  Spies, assassins, fun stuf.
  • I started Pastime by Robert B. Parker, another in the Spenser series, which I am rereading in order.  Now on p. 44
  • I also started A Wicked Company which is about the radicals of the Enlightenment - especially Diderot and Holbach.  Fascinating.  On p. 77.


Your turn

Use the comments to tell me what you are reading and what you think of it.

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