Sunday, December 4, 2016

Book review: Pastime by Robert B. Parker

Year published: 1991
Date I finished: Reread finished on December 3, 2016
Genre: Mystery

Review:  I am back to my plan of rereading the whole Spenser series. Pastime is the 18th in the series and its one of my favorites so far.

10 years (and quite a few books) ago, Spenser rescued Paul Giacomin from neglectful parents.  Paul is now a man.  His mother is missing and he comes to Spenser to find her. This starts off simply enough - she has apparently run off with her latest boyfriend.  But things get complex because the boyfriend is connected to criminals - in particular, to Joe Broz. 

This lets Parker add a lot of the regular characters to Pastime.  Of course we have Hawk and Susan, but also Vinnie Morris and Joe Broz. 

And, as often, Parker uses the mystery as an opportunity to muse on bigger topics.  Here, his focus is on relationships between parents and children.  We learn about Spenser's own relationship with his father and uncles; about Joe Broz' relationship with his son and about Paul's relationship with his mother. The first relationship is a healthy one, the latter two are not.


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